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Clubhouse Resident Caretaker Role Q & A

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Have you ever dreamed of waking up each morning in beautiful Waimanalo? Walking a few steps down to the beach for a morning or evening swim? With affordable rent ($300/month) and the opportunity to serve your HTMC hiking community? Check out the Q&A below and consider applying to be the next HTMC clubhouse resident caretaker (beginning March 2025). 

If you are interested, complete the HTMC Clubhouse Resident Caretaker Application. You can apply any time from now through January 15, 2025 for the term beginning March 2025. The initial term is for one year and can be renewed.

Q: Who can be a resident caretaker?

Resident caretaker applicants must be HTMC members in good standing. Singles, couples and families can apply ($300/month per person).

Q: What does the resident caretaker do?

Resident caretakers help maintain and keep a physical presence at the property, foster good relations with neighbors, and create a friendly and welcoming environment for HTMC members and guests. Specific expectations will be made as transparent as possible to ensure clear communication.

Q: I heard the HTMC Clubhouse was built in the 1920s by club members…how rudimentary are the resident accommodations?  

It is true that member volunteers built the original clubhouse in 1926. Now called the Luciano Peña Memorial Clubhouse (LPMC), it is still listed historical property but was rebuilt/renovated several times, most recently in 2006. The clubhouse has basic bath facilities, a washing machine and two kitchens for social events. Electric, water and basic internet are included in the rent. Some tenants have chosen to pay for additional services such as cable service or faster internet.

Original clubhouse, 1926?

Clubhouse renovations in 2006. Photo credit: Pat Rooney

Clubhouse in 2022. Photo credit: Hawkins Biggins

Q: How much privacy can the resident caretaker expect?

The only private space allocated to the clubhouse resident caretaker is a private bedroom. The rest of the clubhouse is shared space belonging to and available to all members to use and enjoy. HTMC members and their guests can make daytime reservations for large groups, and overnight reservations of up to 10 nights during a 90-day period. Even when there are no reservations, the resident caretaker should not have an expectation of privacy as HTMC members and their guests (up to five people) can access the clubhouse without reservations or advance notice to use for rest, recreation, and socializing. 

Q: What makes a successful HTMC resident caretaker?

HTMC has been fortunate to have many wonderful resident caretakers over the years, and each has brought their own unique gifts and talents to share with the HTMC community. For example, previous residents have improved the grounds, cultivated new plants, and helped with events. Our current resident Colleen Soares, now in her second year, is providing a welcoming presence for all HTMC members and guests and is a member of the Books and Records Committee.  

Current HTMC resident caretakers in good standing are always welcome to reapply and HTMC also wants to ensure this opportunity is open to all members. The Clubhouse Committee looks for applicants who understand the benefits and challenges of living in a shared space and who want to be a part of our community according to their interests and abilities. 

Q: What is it like to be a resident caretaker? 

According to previous residents, the best parts of being a resident caretaker are living in Waimanalo and the opportunity to frequently interact with other club members. The biggest challenges included the amount of regular maintenance and upkeep needed to keep the clubhouse looking good, and the limited private personal space.

Upstairs clubhouse with Malia’s flower arrangement.  Photo Credit: Malia Collins 

The Collins family, resident caretakers 2022-2023, provided an outstanding written record of their experience moving from snowy Boise, Idaho back to Oahu and serving as a resident caretaker family in “The Clubhouse Chronicles”:

Questions? Check out the Clubhouse Page on the website or email the Clubhouse Committee

Interested in applying? Complete the HTMC Clubhouse Resident Caretaker Application. Applications are due January 15, 2025.