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Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Corp.


Hiking Policies and Procedures

Welcome! We hope the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Corporation will help you experience the beauty of Oahu’s rugged mountain and seashore trails. Before you hike with us there are a few things we’d like you to know. The Club does not conduct guided hikes. It provides a group environment for independent hikers who remain responsible for themselves at all times. Our hikers move at their own pace and are free to complete as much or as little of the trail as they want.

They can enjoy the company of others or walk alone. The group environment simply adds a measure of safety for those who enjoy independent hiking and the out-of-doors.

Our trails are wilderness trails. Trails can be dangerous: loose rocks, uneven footing, slippery slopes and steep drop-offs are common. Mud, rain, fog, strong winds and sudden large waves also occur regularly in the areas where we hike. Our hike coordinators cannot be responsible for trail conditions or safety. They are not required to be trained in first aid, or to carry a first aid kit. When you hike with the Club, you are responsible for yourself, as well as, for your children and wards.  Plan to be self-sufficient, carrying your own emergency supplies, sturdy shoes, rain gear, water and lunch.

We try to keep rules to a minimum. However, the eight below are essential:

  • Decide whether you are physically and mentally ready for the hike.
  • Read and sign the waiver form before the hike.
  • Stay on the designated trail.
  • Observe the announced turn-around time.
  • After your hike, notify the hike coordinator that you are out.
  • Not permitted are pets, firearms, “boom boxes” or the like, and other audio devices (e.g., any device that distracts attention from the hike or interferes with the ability to hear others).
  • Children and wards under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • If carpooling, never leave a rider stranded after the hike.

Also, please click here to read the Disclaimer and Waiver.