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Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Corp.

About HTMC

A Brief Overview

The Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Corporation was originally organized by Alexander Hume Ford in 1910 as a hiking and social club. It had enjoyed an informal existence for many years before that time. Club activities ceased during World War I, but HTMC was reorganized in 1919 (and 2019). Membership levels have varied from a few dozen to around 500 currently.

Organised exclusively for charitable and educational purposes as a 501(c)3, HTMC is committed to promoting hiking, hiking safety, and cooperating with state and other agencies also involved with environmental conservation and protection. HTMC also assists the state by contributing to the maintenance of Oahu’s  public trail system, by participating in the search-and-rescue of missing hikers, and by educating our members and guests on the need for respect of the ‘aina and our indigenous species.

An elected Board of Directors elects Officers and conducts HTMC business between annual general membership meetings, usually held on the first Sunday in April. The monthly board meetings (almost always at Waimanalo and on the third Wednesday of the month) are open to all members.  The board is supported by a number of advisory committees and individual appointees.

Everything we are, and everything we may become, depends on the willingness of our members to donate time and energy to HTMC activities. We are always looking for volunteers to to help maintain Oahu’s trails and/or to serve in an HTMC governance role or as a hike coordinator.


HTMC is governed by Bylaws and Standing Rules.