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  •  Flora of Hawai’i: Alahe’e

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    Alahe’e is an indigenous plant: It is found on all of the Hawaiian Islands, other names: Walahe’e, ‘Ohe’e. Hawaiian name meaning: alahe’e means slippery/wandering fragrance or “slippery like the squid (octopus).” Ironically, spears were fashioned for capturing he’e (octopus) and  Read More

  • The Clubhouse Chronicles: What Does It Mean to Be Home?

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    Bio: Malia, Josh, and Mehana Collins are the newest live-in residents at the HTMC clubhouse. Malia was born and raised in Maunawili and has always talked about moving back home. She started writing a series on moving to and  Read More

  • Remembering Nathan Yuen 

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    Nate’s Celebration of Life was on Saturday September 17th from 4-8pm at Sea Life Park. At the memorial the below words were read (after Nate commented on how much he liked them when June Miyasato spoke them at Mabel Kekina’s  Read More

  • Talk Story with John Hoover and Marcia Stone

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    HTMC Talk Story #10 August 22, 2022 PDF version In this joint HTMC Talk Story, John and Marcia take turns answering our questions and sharing their experiences hiking and enjoying Hawaii’s natural beauty. (and chocolate)    WHEN did you  Read More

  • Community Volunteer Opportunities on Oahu

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    “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Gandhi  Volunteering can be a wonderful way to connect with and give back to the ‘aina and community. The organizations listed below have ongoing  Read More