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  • Search for Nate Yuen Ended

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    It is with extreme regret that we announce that the search for Nathan Yuen was called off today after his body was recovered. Nate went missing after going hiking on Sunday. We do not know the details of what happened, but  Read More

  • Search for Nate Yuen

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    HTMC Member Nate Yuen went hiking on Sunday and has not returned. The car he drove was found near Waimano last night. For more detailed information CLICK HERE. Nate’s family has organized a search. CLICK HERE to sign up  Read More

  • Talk Story with Carole Moon

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    For the PDF version CLICK HERE Joined HTMC: mid 1980s Favorite hike: Poamoho Favorite trail food: Dried aku along with sliced cucumbers, radish, or carrots with an orange or pear and lots of water Favorite movie about hiking: The  Read More

  • The Clubhouse Chronicles: From Boise to Waimanalo

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    Bio: Malia, Josh, and Mehana Collins are the newest live-in residents at the HTMC clubhouse. Malia was born and raised in Maunawili and has always talked about moving back home. She started writing a series on moving to and  Read More

  • Auckland Tramping Club 2023 New Zealand Safari!

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    The Auckland Tramping Club (ATC), our sister club in New Zealand, has invited HTMC to join their hiking Safari in 2023 (summer in New Zealand). DATES: Friday February 17 – Saturday March 4th. It is suggested everyone attending arrive  Read More