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Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Corp.


  • Individual First Aid Kits for HTMC Hikers

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    On an HTMC Hike, every participant ideally brings their own first aid kit. It is one of the Carry In Your Pack Essential Items HTMC recommends for all hikers. Things can happen (injury or illness) and HTMC Hike Coordinators  Read More

  • 2023 KST Campout

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    On Labor Day weekend, HTMC had our annual KST campout.  Hoping to start from Pūpūkea this year, Stewart and Patrick scouted the route but, unfortunately, said that it was a bit too overgrown for our group.  So after meeting  Read More

  • Maui Donation Poll

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    Thank you to all of those who donated to this worthy cause.  The board is now researching various organizations to see where our contribution might do the most good.  We also want to take some time to ask our members  Read More

  • Talk Story with Dominique and Jeff Gere

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    HTMC Talk Story #21 This month’s installment occurred on a nice, sunny morning with a lovely couple.  As I walked to the front door of their home, the sound of their beautiful water fountain and the cool breezes flowing  Read More

  • Ulu Kanu: Hibiscus arnottianus

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    Why Hibiscus? The blooming periods for this plant are year round, but there are certain times when they just pop off something special, and this is one of those times.  Whether you find yourself in the Waiʻanae range, the  Read More