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  • Cut your own Hawaiian Christmas Tree

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    Norfolk Island Pines or “Araucaria heterophylla” are native to Norfolk Island, an Australian Territory in the Pacific Ocean. In 1774 Captain James Cook discovered Norfolk Island. Cook and his crew encountered the 200-foot giant pines on Norfolk Island and named  Read More

  • 2023 HTMC Membership Renewal Reminder

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    This is your friendly reminder to step into the new year with your best boot forward and renew your HTMC membership! Annual Membership Rates: $41 – Dues paid before March 31st* $51 – Dues paid after March 31st $61  Read More

  • The Clubhouse Chronicles: This Year Out of Time

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    Bio: Malia, Josh, and Mehana Collins are the current live-in residents at the HTMC clubhouse. Malia was born and raised in Maunawili and has always talked about moving back home. She started writing a series on moving to and  Read More

  • Flora of Hawai’i: Hulumoa

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    Hulumoa or Kaumahana is a native plant: There are four endemic and two indigenous species that is fairly common and can be found on all of the Hawaiian Islands. This species is hemiparasitic on a variety of Hawai?ian trees. Hawai’ian name  Read More

  • Volunteer for The Books & Records Committee

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    Volunteer to help the Book & Records Committee reach their goal to organize and digitize the club’s long neglected records in order to help create and preserve the clubs historic records. This group meets at the clubhouse once a  Read More