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Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Corp.


  • Membership Dues & Website Update

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    Please remember to pay your membership dues onlineĀ (credit/debit cards accepted) before the end of this year (unless you are a new member whose membership term extends beyond 12/31/2023). The Web Committee has integrated membership tracking into the HTMC website,  Read More

  • Ka Iwi Explorations 2023

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    The Ka Iwi Coalition is excited to be holding Ka Iwi Explorations 2023! Join them on Saturday December 2nd or Sunday December 3rd for a hike of the Ka Iwi Mauka Lands. Hikes leave every half hour from 6:00am  Read More

  • Albizia Tree Experience

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    Invasive to Hawaii the Albizia tree maybe the fastest growing tree in the world. On Sunday November 19, 2023, the HTMC trail clearers were in Kahana Valley clearing and Ring-Barked nine Albizia trees. Ring-Barking is a way of killing  Read More

  • Festive Holiday Wreaths: Myrtle Wong’s Workshop

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    On Saturday November 11, 2023 HTMC Member and plant whisperer Myrtle Wong shared her talent for wreath making at the HTMC Clubhouse Event. Members and guests who attended brought flower & plant materials along with a wreath base and  Read More

  • Norfolk Island & Cook Pines

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    Norfolk Island Pines and Cook Pines are hard to tell apart as they are closely related species. Both species also change characteristics considerably from infancy to adulthood making identification harder. Cook Pines were extensively used to reforest the foothills  Read More