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Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Corp.


  • Friends of Haiku Stairs Initiative: The Stairs Stories

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    Friends of Haiku Stairs are also starting a new initiative called Stairs Stories to highlight the many ways the Haiku Stairs have touched people’s lives. Perhaps you have a story you’d like to share, or know someone else who might? We’re trying  Read More

  • Friends of Haiku Stairs: Ossipoff Cabin Fundraising Event

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    Friends of Haiku Stairs are excited to announce another Ossipoff Cabin fundraising event on Saturday, April 29 from 2pm-7pm! As we continue to raise money to save the Stairs during this critical time, we are fortunate to offer supporters the  Read More

  • Kokocrater Botanical Garden Photo Walk

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    On Saturday February 24, 2023 HTMC offered a photo walk through the Kokocrater Botanical Garden. The group spent time exploring and photographing in the cactus garden, native Hawai’ian section and African section.  The crater was lush and green and  Read More

  • Ulu Kanu: Marsilea villosa

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    Why Marsilea villosa? In March, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and all things Irish, including the four-leaf clover.  In Celtic lore, these lucky plants offered magical protection.  Well, although it is not a clover, ‘ihi‘ihilau?kea is pretty magical as  Read More

  • HTMC 2023 Annual Meeting

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    Sunday April 2nd at 2:00pm All HTMC Members are invited to join the Annual Meeting. Please make a reservation to attend the meeting CLICK HERE  to RSVP. Join us at the Waimanalo Clubhouse located at 41-023 Puuone Street, Waimanalo, Hawaii 96795 and let  Read More