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Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Corp.


  • 2024 Mokuleia Campout Experience

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    The Annual HTMC Mokuleia Campout has been a presidents day weekend tradition for many years. This campout was first lead by Dick (Richard) Davis on February 20, 1965 on what was then Washington’s birthday weekend.  Over the years it  Read More

  • HTMC Birthday & By-Laws

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    HTMC was born on a Tuesday in 1910, in “the rooms of the Chamber of Commerce” in Honolulu. That means HTMC will be 114 years old this year on April 5th.  For reference,  the world’s oldest person lived to  Read More

  • I hate . . . cleaning my boots!

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    I really don’t look forward to cleaning my boots after every hike and/or plant restoration work party. It’s such a hassle to do this after each time on the trail and sometimes I go out 6-7 times a week!   Read More

  • The DNA of the HTMC T-Shirts

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    Our T-Shirts, with the HTM logo, have been produced by the club for about fifty years.  Here is the history of how they have evolved over the decades.  Shirts over the decades are in the attached photo. Long time  Read More

  • Uloha: Gear Exchange & HTMC March Spotlight

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    The Uloha Gear Exchange is on Saturday March 9th from 11am-2pm Buy-Sell-Trade. At 2pm HTMC Members will give a presentation – come show your support! Mahalo to Uloha for highlighting HTMC for the month of March 2024.  For the month of March,  Read More