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Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Corp.


Upcoming Events

  • Learning How to Grow Food in the Suburbs with Cory Yap and Lynne Honda

    Jun 26, 2021

    With no formal training and only minor internet searches, Cory and Lynne have been backyard gardening with the primary goal to eat more plants. Most rewarding is knowing where their food comes from and who grows it, while depending less on the produce section at local markets. Learn more  Read More

  • Restoring Native Biodiversity in Pia Valley

    Jul 17, 2021

    Since 2019, Protect & Preserve Hawaii and the Ko’olau Mountains have been working to restore a section of severely degraded watershed into a functional native dry-land forest and biodiversity hotspot. With the help of numerous volunteers and community supporters, portions of Pia valley have been transformed and now serve  Read More

  • Finding Hawaiian Trails: Uncovering Strands in the Web of Life

    Aug 07, 2021

    Join Richard Stevens as he shares the importance of trails in ancient Hawaii. He will discuss trails as connectors in several dimensions along with his years as a Trail Hunter and how to find, clean, and restore ancient trails, the Haleakala Trail Trial of 2014, the Highways Act of  Read More