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Upcoming Events

  • Tahoma “Mother of Waters” a visit to a stratovolcano in the Pacific Northwest

    Feb 27, 2021

    Join adventurer Andrew Kam as he presents an overview of Mount Rainier National Park including the Wonderland Trail, a 93 mile trail that circumnavigates Mount Rainier.  Additionally, he will share hikes in North Cascades National Park and Mount Saint Helens National Monument. Andrew Kam grew up in Hawaii but  Read More

  • From Kauai to Cusco – One Family’s Adventure Abroad

    Mar 27, 2021

    In 2019, Jenny Ersbak and her husband Alejandro Gordillo decided to move from Kauai to Cusco, Peru with their then 1.5 year old and begin a new life abroad. This presentation will spotlight their expat life and the different destinations and adventures that they have experienced, while also offering  Read More

  • Every Kolea Counts by Susan Scott

    Apr 17, 2021

    In January, 2020, Susan Scott launched the first statewide, all-volunteer count of Hawaii’s Pacific Golden-Plovers. In a slide show, she will share what they learned from this trial, sponsored by the Hawaii Audubon Society, and explain plans for future Kolea counts. For more information visit the Kolea Count Website:  Read More

  • Mauka Adventures with a Purpose with Ryan Chang

    May 08, 2021

    Explore what makes Hawai’i unique and the threats that it faces.  Having a purpose while out and about in the uplands of O’ahu is important for Ryan Chang.  He’s been to many unique environments which include the urban forest, mixed forest and intact native forest.  Taking a liking to  Read More

  • Restoring Native Biodiversity in Pia Valley

    Jul 17, 2021

    Since 2019, Protect & Preserve Hawaii and the Ko’olau Mountains have been working to restore a section of severely degraded watershed into a functional native dry-land forest and biodiversity hotspot. With the help of numerous volunteers and community supporters, portions of Pia valley have been transformed and now serve  Read More