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Posts by Susan

  • Brian Fagan on Brian's Loop

    Talk Story with Brian Fagan

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    HTMC Talk Story #13 November 23, 2022 PDF version The ESSENTIAL Questions Joined HTMC: 2003 Current favorite hike: Aiea Loop and Ridge, and Kalawahine Favorite trail food: Spam musubi. And a side of Snickers will give that energy boost we all  Read More

  • Talk Story with Arnold Fujioka

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    HTMC Talk Story #12 October 13, 2022 PDF version The ESSENTIAL Questions Joined HTMC: 1991 Current favorite hike: Schofield Waikane Favorite trail food: Salted peanuts Favorite book/movie about hiking: Stuart Ball’s first hiking guide book WHEN did you FIRST  Read More

  • Talk Story with L. Steve Rohrmayr (aka Wai’anae Steve)

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    HTMC Talk Story #11 September 21, 2022 PDF version The ESSENTIAL Questions Joined HTMC: 2001 Favorite hike: Wai’anae Ramble or the Wai’anae Water Works Favorite trail food: Don’t really snack on the trail. I usually have a Musubi for  Read More

  • Talk Story with John Hoover and Marcia Stone

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    HTMC Talk Story #10 August 22, 2022 PDF version In this joint HTMC Talk Story, John and Marcia take turns answering our questions and sharing their experiences hiking and enjoying Hawaii’s natural beauty. (and chocolate)    WHEN did you  Read More