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Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Corp.


Past Events

This is a list of events that have already happened…

Date Title Details
Apr 13, 2024 An Evening of Mo’olelo with Ann Marie Kirk Details
Mar 09, 2024 Wilderness Search and Rescue on Oahu Details
Feb 24, 2024 Pruning for Home Gardeners and Trail Clearers Details
Jan 20, 2024 More about Albizia Trees Details
Jan 01, 2024 New Years Day Clubhouse Open House Details
Dec 02, 2023 HTMC 2023 Holiday Luau Details
Nov 11, 2023 Wreath Making Workshop with Myrtle Wong Details
Oct 14, 2023 Blue Hawaii Movie Night Details
Sep 16, 2023 Manoa Cliff Native Forest Restoration Project Details
Aug 19, 2023 Prevent Hip, Knee and Foot/Ankle Injuries From Slowing You Down Details
Jul 01, 2023 Who Are Your ‘Remarkables’? Trail to Redemption: Love and War in Vietnam by Dr. Richard Stevens Details
Jun 17, 2023 Modern Line Dancing at HTMC with Andrea Fleig Details
May 13, 2023 Common Ferns of O’ahu with Miles Thomas Details
Apr 29, 2023 Wili Lei Making Workshop with Myrtle Wong & Friends Details
Mar 25, 2023 Living and Hiking in Sierra Leone Details
Feb 11, 2023 105 days, 11 countries and my camera with Paul Meyer Details
Jan 14, 2023 Gear Exchange & Movie Night Details
Jan 01, 2023 New Years Day Clubhouse Open House Details
Dec 03, 2022 HTMC 2022 Holiday Luau Details
Nov 19, 2022 Creative Writing Workshop with Malia Collins Details
Nov 19, 2022 Game Night Details
Oct 15, 2022 Navigation 101 Details
Sep 24, 2022 Haleakala Trail: Deceit, Lies & Prison Time, but no Sex, Violence or Pretty Pictures Details
Aug 13, 2022 Scavenger Hunt & Movie Night with the Collins Family Details
Jul 02, 2022 The Friends of Haiku Stairs Presents: Saving the Stairway to Heaven Details
Jun 11, 2022 The Hawaii Audubon Society: 83 Years and Counting Details
May 07, 2022 Eco-TOUR of HAWAII with Jeff Gere Details
Apr 23, 2022 Columbia Footwear and Apparel Product Event Details
Apr 23, 2022 Gear Exchange Details
Mar 12, 2022 Slow Motion, Time Lapse and Panoramic Photography with Pat Rooney Details
Feb 12, 2022 HTMC Movie Night – Rescheduled! Details
Dec 11, 2021 HTMC 2021 Members Slideshow Details
Nov 20, 2021 Wonders of the Southwest with Kris Corliss Details
Oct 30, 2021 Changing Landscapes: The Harold L. Lyon Arboretum Details
Sep 11, 2021 Backpacking in Alaska’s Talkeetna Mountains Details
Aug 07, 2021 Finding Hawaiian Trails: Uncovering Strands in the Web of Life Details
Jul 17, 2021 Restoring Native Biodiversity in Pia Valley Details
Jun 26, 2021 Learning How to Grow Food in the Suburbs with Cory Yap and Lynne Honda Details
May 08, 2021 Mauka Adventures with a Purpose with Ryan Chang Details
Apr 17, 2021 Every Kolea Counts by Susan Scott Details
Apr 03, 2021 From Kauai to Cusco – One Family’s Adventure Abroad – Rescheduled until April 3rd! Details
Feb 27, 2021 Tahoma “Mother of Waters” a visit to a stratovolcano in the Pacific Northwest Details
Jan 30, 2021 Kokonut Koalition: Saving the Koko Crater Trail with David Nixon Details
Dec 19, 2020 HTMC 2020 Members Slideshow Details
Nov 21, 2020 Urban Hiking in Japan with Q & A Details
Oct 24, 2020 Where Borders Cross: Photography Series by Wayne Levin Details