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Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Corp.

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No Pets on Hikes

No Pets Allowed on HTMC Hikes

<< Note: visit Paws on the Path Hiking Club for doggy hikes >>

Q. I wish to hike with the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Corporation. Can I bring my Dog? Cat? Gecko? Parrot?

A. Pets / animals are not allowed on HTMC hikes. This rule is enforced to protect participating hikers from potentially hazardous situations that may arise on the often narrow, exposed and sometimes muddy trails. Listed below are some scenarios.

  • Some hikers are fearful of animals and may react in such a way as to cause a fall or other dangerous situation to occur.
  • An animal, leashed or free, may suddenly run between the legs of a hiker, potentially causing an unexpected trip or fall to occur.
  • A sudden unexpected noise (bark, etc.) may cause a hiker to overreact and potentially trip or fall.

Hikers generally expect to enjoy the outing with minimal unwelcome distractions. For some hikers, the presence of an animal can produce just that distraction.

The possibility of interactions with hunters and their hunting dogs from nearby public hunting areas.

For the safety of the hiking group in general, HTMC does not permit animals on its hikes.

revised June, 2009 – Jim Yuen