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Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Corp.

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Hike Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I  would like to hike with the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Corporation.

Q. What is the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Corporation?

A. HTMC is a community based, volunteer hiking club based on Oahu

Q. How can I find out about hikes and schedules?

A. Visit the HTMC Hike Schedule and Calendar. Hikes are scheduled regularly on Sundays and two Saturdays each month.

Q. Can I hike with the HTMC?

A. You are welcome to participate on any non-member scheduled hike. HTMC requests a $3.00 donation.

Q. How can I find out more about the hike?

A. Visit the HTMC trails summary page  for a description of the hike, or you may purchase a hiking guide at a local book store (click on Books).

Q. Where do I meet to go on a hike with HTMC?

A. HTMC meets for Saturday and Sunday hikes at the Iolani Palace in King Street in downtown Honolulu (not Waikiki) between Richard and Punchbowl Streets. Look for a group of people dressed in hiking clothes and boots at the left rear of the Palace. HTMC normally meets at 8 a.m. See meeting place map

Q. I don’t have a car. How do I get to the Palace?

A. The Bus, Honolulu’s transportation system has several buses that stop near the Palace. Take the Number 2 Bus from Waikiki and ask to be let off at the State Capitol building which is directly behind Iolani Palace.

Q. I don’t have a car. How do I travel to the trailhead?

A. Although HTMC does not arrange for car-pooling, often individual hikers will provide rides if requested. HTMC suggest that you offer to the driver monetary reimbursement to defray the cost of gas, car usage, etc.

Q. I have never hiked in the Hawaiian Islands before. How should I choose a hike?

A. Scheduled hikes are rated as “Novice”, “Intermediate” and “Advanced”. Anyone in good physical shape should be able to hike Novice and likely Intermediate trails. Do not go on Advanced trails unless you discuss it with the hike coordinator and you feel adequate to the task. Remember, you are responsible for your own safety.

Q. What should I wear on a hike?

A. Common sense dictates comfortable hiking boots or sturdy shoes, long pants (shorts only if you are willing to endure scratches and mosquito bites), long sleeve or tee shirt, hat, rain jacket for the ever present potential of rain.

Q. What should I bring on a hike?

A. At least one quart / liter of water, more would be advisable. Lunch or high energy snack. Insect repellant. Carry everything in a daypack to keep your hands free for support along the trail. Other desirable items are a camera, binoculars, small first aid kit, cell phone (for emergency use only), etc. Electronic audio and video devices (radio, CD or tape player, belly-telly) are frowned upon as disruption to the quiet enjoyment of the outdoors.

Q. How long is the hike.

A. Most hikes take the entire day. Expect to get off the trail approximately 3-4 p.m. with enough daylight left for a safe return. Depending on the location fo the trail, return to the city may take an additional hour.

Q. I have questions about a scheduled hike. Who should I ask?

A. You should contact the hike coordinator of the hike. His/her phone number or email address is listed on the hike write-up.

Q. I have other questions. Who should I ask?

A. You may ask any hike coordinator or email  HTMC.