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Group Hike – non-HTMC

Question: I plan to lead a group of people on a day hike in Oahu. Do you have any recommendations for a moderate hike? 

Answer: There are so many question you left unanswered that we cannot recommend any hike offhand.

Ask yourself first.

    • The size of the group
    • Their average age
    • Their physical condition and fitness
    • Any medical conditions to consider
    • Type and availability of transportation 
    • Amount of time allocated (2, 4, 6, 8 hours)
    • Preferences: views (ridge hike) or greenery (valley hike)
    • Special interests (ex: plant studies – slow hike, gung-ho speedsters – fast hike)
    • YOUR hiking experience and expertise as a  group leader.

When you’ve considered these questions, I suggest you check out Stuart Ball’s “A Hikers Guide to Oahu” at your local library (or buy it at $22) and select an appropriate trail.

Or check the State of Hawaii’s Na Ala Hele Trail System map and list of trails at

Check out the our website for the FAQ pages and Hikers Guide for general hiking info.

revised October, 2006 – Jim Yuen