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When the Circus Came to the Clubhouse

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On February 7, 2024 the HTMC Clubhouse donned the gold and red colors of a circus tent in an effort to eradicate termites. Although the clubhouse was treated for termites seven years prior, alas the hungry and destructive critters found their way back to our beloved wood structure and once again their feast needed to be interrupted. After the scheduled day needed to be cancelled due to unpredictable high winds which made it unsafe for the crew to proceed, the following day the wind cooperated and the tenting commenced. And on February 7, 2024 three trucks and six crew members from Aloha Termite converged on the clubhouse.

We wanted to share this impressive circus performance with you. Ladders were climbed, tents dropped from the roof, clips secured, a hose filled with water held down the tent and small tubes fitted out the windows for the chemicals to flow in. Thanks to HTMC member and photographer extraordinaire David Johnson who stopped by the clubhouse as the tents were being artfully draped over the roof to film a time-lapse video of the process.  View stage ONE and stage TWO.

Mahalo to our Clubhouse Maintenance Chair John Braum for coordinating, to the hard working crew that volunteered during the January clubhouse workday and to our HTMC Resident Colleen for their combined efforts to prepare the clubhouse both inside and out for our tenting.