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Update on the Nepal Trip

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The following is an outline of the planned trip (maximum 12 participants) as received from our sister organisation in New Zealand (ATC). Please contact Barney Griggs for more details.

Briefly, official start is in Kathmandu on 30 Sept, we would leave NZ on 28 Sept.
Two days travel by bus and jeep takes us to Koto, 2600M, where the trek
begins. We work our way up the valley over 4 days to Phu, 4080M. We then
have about 4 days camping and exploring the upper valley towards Himlung
Peak and Nagoru, the 2012 group passed through this area enroute to
Saribung Peak and Mustang.
Back track a couple of days, up the Naar Valley to Naar Village, and over Kang
La, 5320M. Trek will finish back at Koto, probably on 18 October, we could
depart Kathmandu for home on 20 October.
We will be using mule teams to carry the gear on this trek so fewer porters.
Pleased to say that Sherpa Sangge will be our Sirdar, we have now done 2 treks
with Sangge, and we all liked him very much, one of the nicest people in all

Trek cost will be USD2360, plus airfares of around NZD 1200. Allow for tips,
extras and spending money, so budget for about NZD 6500 total.