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Remembering the 1999 Kahana Rescue

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On September 26, 2021 a group of HTMC hikers headed into Kahana Valley to climb to a saddle below Pu’u Ohulehule. Along the trail the discussion turned to the historic incident when two Danish hikers who were lost in Kahana back in 1999 and the incredible story of a few HTMC Members who aided in their rescue. Below are links to some articles and write ups that document the 1999 Kahana rescue.

August 22, 1999

HTMC member Dayle Turner write up, August 22, 1999

Star Bulletin Article August 23, 1999

19990823 CTY – Anitta Winther (right) being carted away for a shower as friends and family gather around Marianne Konnerup in Kahuku Hospital on Sunday following the pairs rescue from an eight day ordeal in Kahana Valley. SB photo by George F. Lee

Star Bulletin Article – August 24, 1999

19990823 CTY found24 l to r/ Marianne Konnerup, and anitta Winther at press conference. photo by Craig T. Kojima

CBS News Article