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Na Ala Hele Hearing Notice: February 7th @9:30am: Submit Testimony

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HTMC received the following message from Na Ala Hele with a reminder to submit testimony for House Bill 1394 before the scheduled Tuesday February 7th 9:30am hearing. Read below for more information and click the link to submit testimony or view the hearing via the livestream link.

Aloha k?kou!

House Bill 1394, and companion Senate Bill 1549, call for staffing and funding to be provided to enhance the Na Ala Hele program across the state, including 6 new positions, vehicles and equipment, and contract planning services.  These identical Bills are written to address “hotspots” identified in the Hawai?i Tourism Authority’s island-by-island Destination Management Action Plans, but the added staffing and funding will go a long way toward building more capacity program-wide across the state.

We currently have 9 professional staff and three technicians across the state, along with a scattering of blue-collar staff on the Branches.  These additional staff will increase management staff by nearly 50%, and will get us to 2 professionals and 1 technician on each of the branches (8 and 4, total), and an additional planner and abstractor at the Admin level.

House Bill 1394 is scheduled to be heard by the House Committee on Water and Land on Tuesday, Feb. 7, at 9:30 a.m.  The Hearing Notice is attached here. Please feel free to share this with your respective Advisory Council members and any other trail advocates out there!