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Hike Safely: Establish a Flight Plan

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Step 1: Ahead of Time: Select at least two people that agree to be your “Captains.”  

Step 2: Ahead of Time: Provide your Captains with the following personal information:

  • Your cell phone number and any satellite device you may carry with you (inReach or GPS watch)
  • Your emergency contact info
  • Any special medical conditions or allergies  
  • Car make & model and license plate number 

Step 3: Before Your Hike: Text or Email your Flight Plan to your Captains:   

  • Trailhead location
  • Planned route
  • Estimated start & return time  
  • Send a Selfie or let them know what you are wearing
  • Bring your phone and leave it turned on so you can be located if needed (backup phone charger recommended)

Send your message before you reach the trailhead because some trailheads do not have good cell reception

Step 4: After Your Hike: Text or Email your Captain: 

  • That you are out safe and the time