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Columbia Sportswear: Product Testing Opportunity

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Thank you for your interest in possibly testing our products! Product testing consists of receiving a testing garment that is still in the developmental stages. Wearing the product with specific requirements, and then providing detailed feedback about what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t work for the product, doing so via survey, and photo feedback. Then when the test is complete testers ship the product back to Columbia for further inspection. If all the testing requirements are completed within the timeline needed, incentives are usually given.

If this is an opportunity that interests you, please go to:


Form there you will apply for the categories that are most appropriate for your activity level. There will also be surveys related to each category to identify specific details around that particular activity. Once a test comes that would be a good fit for the tester, a testing invitation will be sent. (tests are filled on a first come, first serve basis, there is no guarantee, and no timeline for testing invitations).

Thank you in advance for your extended patience and hope to work with your organization soon.

Columbia Sportswear Product Testing Team