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“Friend of HTMC” Application Link Added to the Website

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At the April 11, 2021 annual meeting the members voted to accept a new category of “Friend of HTMC” in the ByLaws. a link has been added to the website to start accepting applications for Friend of HTMC. To become a Friend you must:

  • Be 18 years old or older.
  • Participate in at least three official HTMC activities (events, hikes, and/or trail maintenance) within the 12 months prior to applying for membership.
  • Annual Dues are the same as Members (see above).
  • Fill out a Friend Application.

While many of HTMC’s activities are open to the public, there are clear advantages that come with becoming a Friend of HTMC:

  • Friends show their support of HTMC’s goals and programs by maintaining their membership.
  • Friends may serve on HTMC Committees but not as a club chair. 
  • Friends may get involved in Club events, activities and social functions.
  • Friends may participate in open (public) Club hikes and without a donation.
  • Friends enjoy free day-use of the Waimanalo clubhouse facilities and reduced rates on overnight stays.
  • Friends have the ability to invite guests for day-use to the clubhouse premises in conjunction with the Friend’s presence. However, non-member and non-Friend guests must pay the required fee to use the clubhouse premises.
  • Friends have the ability to become a member by fulfilling the membership requirements. 
  • In addition to all of the above, life-time Friends pay no annual dues.