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Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Corp.

About Us


Board of Directors and Committees 2014-2015

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HTMC Directors    
President Thea Ferentinos

Thea Ferentinos (2014-2017)

president @
Vice President Barbara Bruno
Barbara Bruno (2014-2017)
vicepresident @
Treasurer Guy Archer
 Guy Archer (2014-2016)
treasurer @
At Large Bob Robinson
Bob Robinson(2013-2016)
bobrob @
At Large Richard Bailey

Richard Bailey (2012-2015)

richardb  @
At Large Quintin Bray (2014 – 2015) quintin @
At Large Chase Norton(2014-2017) chase @
HTMC Officers    
Accountant Laura Owens
Laura Owens
accountant @
Recording Secretary

Alaina Fukui

secretary @
Books & Records  Chase Norton booksrec @

Jay Feldman

clubhouse @
Conservation Quintin Bray conservation @
Da Kine Kokua Alaina Fukui dakinekokua @
Entertainment Vanessa Cole
Vanessa Cole
Bev Valentino
entertainment @
Stuart Ball
investments @

Vanessa Cole
Vanessa Cole

Gay Conklin

membership @
Na Ala Hele Bill Gorst
Bill Gorst
Newsletter Richard Mc Mahon  
Property Management Bob Robinson
 Bob Robinson
property @
Public Relations Barb Bruno
Barb Bruno
pr @
Schedules Grant Oka
Grant Oka
 goka @
Trail Maintenance  Mike Algiers
Mike Algiers
trailmaintenance @
Trails Steve Brown
Steve Brown
trails @
Web / Email
Endowment Fund
Jim Yuen
Jim Yuen
web @