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Trail Maintenance Chair Mike Algiers Passes Torch to John Braum

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Aloha Trailclearers,

I hope that you are all doing well, and that you have been tolerably weathering the long isolation and the social gathering restrictions of the pandemic. I know that we’ve all missed trailclearing and being out on the trails with our friends. The good news is that the Club is about to resume hiking & trailclearing on a limited basis, now that the State has entered tier 3. But there are going to be changes in the way these events will be conducted. One of the changes is that I will no longer be heading the crew. After this long interruption in our operations, this seems like a good time to make the transition to new leadership, along with the new procedures.  I’m happy to announce that John Braum has stepped forward and agreed to accept the trailclearing leadership role. You’re a great hardworking crew, and I hope that you continue to give John the same enthusiastic hard work and cooperation that you’ve always given me. I’ll leave it to John to explain the new procedures which may be necessary for now, as we get restarted. Even though I’m giving up the reins, it’s not like I’m going to completely fade away. I’ll probably continue to come out and clear as often as I can, and I’ll look forward to still seeing you on the trails.

Thanks to all of you!

Aloha,   Mike Algiers