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Ron Miller’s Plant Photography Project

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HTMC Member Ron Miller recently created a plant project using Flickr to share his photographs and knowledge of plants taken along the trail in Hawaii. Mahalo to Ron for being willing to share this project with the HTMC!


Before getting into the details of this project I want to thank the following for sharing their knowledge and time helping make this plant identification site more accurate and user friendly:  John Hall, Ken Suzuki, Darrel Umemoto, Tom Mendes, Vince Soeda, Dale Yoshizu, Leonard Jacobs and Barbara Mayer.

About this site:

  • All these photos were taken with one of the newer smartphones.
  • I used the common name as much as possible and did use the Hawaiian name if I knew the plant is endemic to Hawaii.
  • If you send this email to your smartphone, you should be able to open the site while hiking to use as a reference.  You will need decent cell service to have it come up on the trails.
  • I will be adding to the site as I see other plants and find out the common names. When you open the site these changes should show up as I make them.
  • I used Macro (extreme close up) photos generously to bring out the inner beauty of several of these plants not easily seen with the naked eye.
  • Many of you have lived in Hawaii all your lives.  Please do not hesitate to share your practical knowledge about the plants you know well with me.
  • When you look at the photos on your smartphone you may see a lot of annoying Flickr numbers on the bottom.  Just touch the name of the plant and the numbers should disappear
  • If you put the URL in your phone Notes you can pin it to the top of the Notes so you easily find it. With the iPhone, look at the circle on the upper right with the 3 horizontal dots and click on Pin.
  • Do not hesitate to forward this to hiking friends you think may benefit from this who may not be on my email list.
  • For those that want more detailed information about the various plant, John Hall’s book “A  Hikers Guide To Trailside Plants In Hawaii”  is an excellent reference.  You can find it on Amazon or if you know John, give him a call.

My hope is that this plant guide will add to your awareness and enjoyment of the wonderful plants that surround you every time you are out hiking.

Mahalo, Ron

Click the link below to view Ron’s plant images on his Flickr account.