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Lyon Arboretum Volunteer Opportunity

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Jesse Adams, a botanist at Lyon has begun a big project to eradicate mule’s foot ferns at Lyon Arboretum.  As you may know, mules foot ferns have become major invasive. There are perhaps 1,000 of these in Lyon alone.  

Lyon is organizing a volunteer crew to eradicate the invasive fern. Volunteers will be using saws, picks, and herbicide to take the ferns down, load them in bags and into a vehicle to remove them from Lyon. This is a long term project. 

Lyon is looking for volunteers who are: hearty, experienced, trail clearing with a good sense of balance, comfortable with gardening tools and spikes on shoes (due to muddy, slippery and sometimes steep conditions). 

If you would like to volunteer for this project or would like more info please reach out to: 

Jesse Adams 


phone 808-988-0466

And fill out a Lyon Arboretum volunteer form.