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Ka Iwi Explorations 2023

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The Ka Iwi Coalition is excited to be holding Ka Iwi Explorations 2023! Join them on Saturday December 2nd or Sunday December 3rd for a hike of the Ka Iwi Mauka Lands. Hikes leave every half hour from 6:00am – 9:30am.  If you would like to to explore Kaiwi mauka attend this free event and hike you must register and sign a waiver – registration deadline Wednesday November 29th. 

To register visit the hike registration webpage

After 46 years of grassroots effort to conserve Ka Iwi Coast, the community purchased the final threatened undeveloped properties to preserve them for community benefit and enjoyment in 2017. In 2018, the Ka Iwi Coalition celebrated this historic community conservation success with an inaugural hike for our supporters. By participating in Ka Iwi Explorations 2023, you’ll explore the property on a guided hike, discover the natural and cultural resources of the area, and learn about plans for the future.

We look forward to seeing you on the trail!

HTMC is proud to be recognized as a partner is the event this year. Our trail clearers helped clear the trails three separate days and our members have volunteered to help at this event, you may see a few familiar faces in the photo below (Susan Ballard, Rich Bailey, Hawkins Biggins, Carmel Davis, Art Isbell, Roeland Lasure, Abigail Meadows, Tony Nakamura and Wil Kawano) taken at the Hike Orientation Meeting in November.