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“Hiking Under COVID” Survey Results

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From December 2020 to January 2021, we conducted an online survey to reach out to HTMC members to get their feedback about hiking during the pandemic.  Mahalo to the 82 HTMC members who responded.  Compared to before the pandemic, the average HTMCer is hiking “a little less”, “usually” feels safe, and “sometimes” wears a mask while hiking.  Weekends were by far the most popular days to hike, with 62% and 67% of respondents hiking on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.  When asked “What do you miss most about hiking with HTMC?”, the #1 answer involved socializing (for example: the people,  camaraderie, friends, conversations, hospitality, talking story).  Other common responses included trail-clearing, learning new trails, exercising, and the safety benefits of hiking with a group and with experienced leaders.  The graphs below provide additional details.