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Answers Revealed: 2023 HTMC Hike Trivia Quiz

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Question 1: Whether you’re walking through a stream or wading in one of Mabel’s pools, 

make sure you don’t have any open cuts to avoid this disease.   

Answer: Leptospirosis       

Question 2: Developed by kiwis, what is the name for the black and orange traps you 

might see while hiking through an area like Kahanah?iki?        

Answer: A24              

Question 3: It may seem like 100 muddy miles when you’re on it, but how long is the actual KST?           

Answer: 30 miles (P?p?kea Summit Trail-14, Makapu?u-Ko?olau Summit-16) 

Question 4: Found in places like L??ie and Makua, which plant (Hawaiian or genus name) is a native target of the destructive coconut rhinoceros beetle?

Answer: Loulu/Pritchardia

Question 5: Wailupe Valley boasts lobelia monostachya, ?elepaio, and being bookended by two popular hiking trails.  What are the two trails?

Answer: Wiliwilinui and Hawai?i Loa

Question 6: This mountain is said to have formed during a battle between a warrior and a giant in which the latter was cut in half.  Geologists call it a residual ridge.

Answer: Olomana

Question 7: Fill in the following three blanks with the same number:  “If the State of Hawai?i can document the existence of a trail prior to the year ______, then the State of Hawai?i may claim the trail as a public trail. This applies even if the trail does not currently exist on the ground physically. This is called: the Highways Act of ______. Queen Lili?uokalani approved the law in ______.

Answer: 1892

Question 8: Fill in the blank with the name of the HTMC hike:  “ ___________ is the finest hike on the Wai?anae Range and one of the best on O?ahu. It takes you to the summit of Mount Ka?ala, O?ahu’s highest peak (elev. 4,025 ft). The trail features a 4000’ elevation gain and passes through cane fields, cattle pasture, dry-land forest, and rain forest. On the summit plateau is a cool, misty bog with an incredibly rich variety of native plants. The views from the overlook on top are breath-taking of the entire North Shore, the towns of Waialua and Hale’iwa as well as the Wahiaw? Plain and Ko’olau Range in the distance to the right.”

Answer: Dupont

Question 9: Alexander Hume Ford founded the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club in 1910. 

What other club did he found on O?ahu?

Answer: Outrigger Canoe Club

Question 10: Which trail is named after past HTMC President, trail builder, and longtime club member Richard “Dick” Davis?

Answer: Likeke 

Question 11: Name at least two club hikes that begin on trails other than what they’re named.

Answer: Lua?alaea (begins on M?noa Falls Trail), Kalauao (begins on ?Aiea Loop Trail) there are other answers as well

Question 12: Can you dig it?  On a clear day, there is an O?ahu hike from which you can spot at least nine islands and/or islets, including O?ahu.  Which hike is it?

Answer: On a clear day from the bunker at Pu’u Ma?eli?eli you can see: O?ahu, Mokoli’i, Ahu O Laka, Kekepa, Mokumanu, M?k?lea, Mokunui, Manana, Moloka?i (there may be others)

Question 13: What is the name of the waterfall at Lyon Arboretum?

Answer: ?Aihualama Falls

Question 14: Name this hike: “This hike meanders through a dry forest and ascends up a short, sweet, and steep ridge line reaching the third highest peak on our island.  Reaching the summit, the views are a spectacular 360 degrees. Our route passes through sensitive ecosystems of native plants easily damaged by large groups of people, hence our restriction to 15 participants.”

Answer: Kaua

Question 15: During which decade did the Civil Conservation Corps. build trails in Hawai?i?

Answer: 1930’s

Question 16: “The pig wire” is above what well-known waterfall? (Two names are possible as answers; the Hawaiian name and the non-Hawaiian name)

Answer: Sacred Falls or Kaliuwa?a

Question 17: The area where the waterfall from the previous question (16) is located is home to an important figure in Hawaiian mo?olelo.  He was a kupua (demigod) who performed countless feats of daring, often in his porcine form.  What is his name?

Answer: Kamapua?a

Question 18: What is the name of the “Lost Valley” described as follows:  “One of the most isolated, inaccessible, and unfrequented of any small valley in the Hawaiian group.”  “It is a high wooded valley set into the ridge between Ka’a’awa and Kahana Valleys.”

Answer: ?Olon? Valley

Question 19: Off the M?noa Cliffs Trail there is a fenced area called: The M?noa Cliffs Native Forest Restoration Area.  How many acres does the fence enclose? 

Answer: Six acres

Question 20: Strawberry guava can offer hikers nice handholds, sturdy walking sticks, and delicious snacks.  However, it is also invasive in Hawai?i.  Which scale insect (Binomial name) has proven helpful as a biological control agent for guava?

Answer: Tectococcus ovatus