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Film: Haleakala: A Rare and Sacred Landscape

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A small nonprofit organization, The Fund for People in Parks, enhances the visitor experience in National Parks and recently collaborated with the National Park Service and local community members to produce a 12-minute orientation film that features highlights of Haleakala National Park from its summit to the rainforest and ocean at Kapahulu, along with a rare glimpse of Kapahulu Valley Biological Reserve. Viewers can discover more about Haleakala’s Hawaiian heritage, unique geology, and endemic species, including rare native birds and plants.  The film also includes useful tips for hiking and visiting the park. The non-profit would like as many people as possible to know about the park’s treasures and think HTMC constituents may be interested in seeing it.  Haleakala: A Rare and Sacred Landscape is available free on YouTube (with subtitled and audio-described versions linked to the original).