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From Kauai to Cusco – One Family’s Adventure Abroad – Rescheduled until April 3rd!

Apr 03, 2021

Saturday April 3, 2021 7:00pm HST!

In 2019, Jenny Ersbak and her husband Alejandro Gordillo decided to move from Kauai to Cusco, Peru with their then 1.5 year old and begin a new life abroad. This presentation will spotlight their expat life and the different destinations and adventures that they have experienced, while also offering some practical advice on raising a little one in a foreign country. This is the story of one family and why they chose to live abroad and how it has enabled them to stay open-minded, accept different cultures and people, and cultivate a deep curiosity for exploration. Because having kids doesn’t mean you still can’t go off the beaten path.

To view the recorded zoom event CLICK HERE

You can follow Jenny Ersbak on her Instagram account @ersbatch  CLICK HERE

Jenny Ersbak is a producer at ShibbyStylee CLICK HERE

Jenny’s husband Alejandro Gordillo works with Mountain Lodges of Peru CLICK HERE