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Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Corp.

Test: The Historic HTMC Clubhouse

Built by members of the original Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club in 1926, the Luciano Peña Memorial Clubhouse, which is available for HTMC meetings and may be used by HTMC members, is located at 41-023 Puuone Street in Waimanalo, about a half block from the beach.  In addition to the garden area, it offers a kitchen, restrooms, indoor and outdoor showers, a sand-volleyball court, an outdoor grill, and a shady Hau tree arbor with picnic tables. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a great place to have both as HTMC’s official place of business and as a resource for HTMC members.

During the day, the clubhouse can accommodate individual HTMC members (or individual HTMC members sponsoring a maximum of three guests) without a reservation. However, a larger group (more than three guests) sponsored by a member (who must be present throughout) for any daytime event must hold an approved reservation (to be submitted via the link below). Limited overnight stays are also possible, but, again, only with a reservation. The clubhouse has four bunk-beds in a downstairs room, which means a maximum of four people can sleep indoors as no overnight accommodation is permitted in any other part of the building. However, a limited number of members (and their guests) holding reservations may bring tents and overnight in the garden (with access to the showers and kitchen areas in the building).



Before members make a reservation to use the clubhouse, they should check the requirements and fees under “Standing Rules” at the bottom of the HTMC webpage. Please note again that any HTMC member sponsoring guests must be present at all times during their daytime visit or overnight stay. Failure to abide by the Standing Rules will result in a loss of privileges.

To request information or make a reservation, please fill out the form below.