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List of Oahu Trails

** NOTE **
Trails are listed below solely as a guide and do not imply right to public access or safe hiking condition. HTMC accepts no responsibility for accuracy of the data listed below.

Check the Na Ala Hele list of public trails with maps (all islands). “Na Ala Hele” is the State of Hawaii Trail and Access Program; their website has excellent trail maps, descriptions and access information for State of Hawaii hiking trails.

Summary list:

Trail information available for trails with an active link. Click on link for more information.

Trail ratings: Nov = novice, Int = intermediate, Adv = advanced

Trail name Rating Miles Terrain Locale Notes
AHUIMANU Nov 2.0 Valley Kahaluu  
AIEA BISECTUAL Nov 3.0 Ridge Aiea  
AIEA LOOP Nov 5.0 Contour Aiea  
AIEA RIDGE Adv 12.0 Ridge Aiea  
AIHUALAMA Nov 5.0 Ridge-Valley Manoa  
BOWMAN Adv 12.0 Ridge Kalihi  
DUPONT Adv 11.0 Ridge Waialua  
EHUKAI KAUNALA Int 6.0 Ridge Pupukea  
Godek-Jaskulski Adv 11.0 Ridge Moanalua  
HALAPEPE NUI Int 6.0 Ridge-Valley Pearl City  
HALAWA RIDGE Adv 14.0 Ridge Halawa  
HANAUMA-HALONA Nov 3.0 Shoreline Hanauma  
HAUULA-PAPALI Nov 4.0 Hillside Hauula  
HAUULA UKA Int 6.0 Ridge Hauula  
HAWAIILOA RIDGE Int 5.0 Ridge Hawaii Loa  
HONOULIULI LOOP Nov 2.0 Contour Kunia  
Iliahi Int 5.0 Valley-ridge Pacific Palisades  
JUDD Nov 3.0 Valley Nuuanu  
KAAU CRATER Int 6.0 Ridge-Valley Palolo  
KAENA POINT Nov 4.0 Shoreline Kaena  
KAHANA VALLEY Int 6.0 Valley Kahana  
KAHEKILI Adv 6.0 Ridge Kaaawa  
Kahuku Shoreline Nov 4.0 Shoreline Kahuku  
KAIPAPAU Int 5.0 Ridge Hauula  
KAIPAPAU GULCH Int 8.0 Valley Hauula  
KAIWA RIDGE Nov 3.0 Ridge Lanikai  
KALAUAO Int 5.0 Valley Aiea  
KALENA Adv 5.0 Ridge Schofield  
KAMAILEUNU Adv 7.0 Ridge Waianae  
Kamananui Int 10.0 Valley Moanalua  
KANEHOA-HAPAPA Int 9.0 Ridge-Contour Kunia  
KAUA Int 6.0 Ridge Kunia  
KAUKONAHUA STREAM Int 3.0 Ridge-Valley Wahiawa  
KAUNALA Int 6.0 Ridge Paumalu  
KAWAIIKI Int 5.0 Valley Haleiwa  
Kawailoa Adv 13.0 Ridge Haleiwa  
KAWAINUI Int 5.0 Valley Haleiwa  
Keaau Adv 7.0 Ridge Keaau  
KEALIA Int 6.0 Graded Hillside Mokuleia  
KOKO CRATER Int 3.0 Ridge Hawaii Kai  
Koko Head Nov 3.0 Shoreline Hanauma  
KOLOA GULCH Int 7.0 Valley Laie  
KOLOA KAI Int 3.0 Valley Laie  
KOLOA KAIPAPAU Int 5.0 Ridge Hauula  
KONAHUANUI Int 6.0 Ridge Manoa  
KUAOKALA Int 5.0 Ridge Makaha  
KULEPEAMOA RIDGE Adv 6.0 Ridge Niu Valley  
KULIOUOU Int 4.0 Ridge Kuliouou  
KULIOUOU VALLEY Nov 4.0 Valley Kuliouou  
KUOLANI-WAIANU Int 5.0 Contour Waiahole  
LAIE Adv 10.0 Graded Ridge Laie  
Lanihuli Adv 7.0 Ridge Kapalama  
LANIPO Int 7.0 Ridge kaimuki  
LIKEKE Int 6.0 Hillside Kaneohe  
LUAALAEA Int 4.0 Valley Manoa  
MAAKUA GULCH Int 6.0 Valley Hauula  
MAKAPUU POINT Nov 2.0 Hillside Makapuu  
MAKAPUU TOM-TOM Adv 4.0 Ridge Makapuu  
MAKIKI TANTALIZER Int 6.0 Ridge Tantalus  
MALAEKAHANA POOL Int 5.0 Ridge-Valley Laie  
Malaekahana Ridge Adv 10.0 Ridge Laie  
MANANA Adv 12.0 Ridge Pacific Palisades  
MANOA FALLS Nov 2.0 Valley Manoa  
MAUNAWILI Int 10.0 Contour Maunawili  
MAUNAWILI FALLS Nov 2.5 Valley Maunawili  
MAUUMAE Nov 1.0 Valley Kaimuki  
MOANALUA VALLEY Int 10.0 Valley Moanalua  
MOKULEIA NIKE ROAD Int Road Graded Mokuleia  
MT OLYMPUS Int 6.0 Ridge St. Louis Hts  
NUUANU Int 4.0 Hillside Nuuanu  
NUUANU LOOP Int 4.0 Ridge-Valley Nuuanu  
OLOMANA Int 3.0 Ridge Olomana  
OPAEULA Nov 3.0 Valley Haleiwa  
PALEHUA Nov 2.0 Ridge Makakilo  
PALI FALLS Nov 4.0 Graded Hillside Nuuanu Pali  
PAUAO RIDGE Int 6.0 Ridge-Valley Kahana  
PAUOA WOODS Int 6.0 Ridge-Valley Tantalus  
POAMOHO Int 8.0 Contour Wahiawa  
PUPUKEA SUMMIT Int 9.0 Ridge Pupukea  
PUU HELEAKALA adv 6.0 Ridge Nanakuli  
PUU KAMAPUAA Adv 7.0 Ridge Hauula  
PUU KEAHI A KAHOE Adv 11.0 Ridge Moanalua  
PUU MAELIELI Nov 3.0 Ridge Kahaluu  
PUU MANAMANA Adv 6.0 Ridge Kaawa  
PUU O HULU Int 4.0 Ridge Maili  

Puu-o-kila Adv 6.0 Valley-ridge Kahana  
PUU O KONA Adv 6.0 Ridge Kuliouou  
PUU OHULEHULE Adv 8.0 Valley-Ridge Kahana  
PUU PIA Nov 2.5 Valley-Ridge Manoa  
SCHOFIELD-WAIKANE Adv 9.0 Ridge Wahiawa  
TANTALUS RAMBLE Int 5.0 Ridge Tantalus  
TOM-TOM Int 2.0 Cliff Face Waimanalo  
TRIPLER RIDGE Adv 12.0 Ridge Moanalua  
ULUPAINA Int 4.0 Graded Ridge Kahaluu  
WAAHILA-KOLOWALU Int 5.0 Ridge St. Louis Hts  
WAHIAWA HILLS Int 6.0 Ridge-Valley Wahiawa  
WAIANAE KAI Int 6.0 Valley Waianae  
WAIANAE-KAALA Adv 5.0 Ridge Waianae  
WAIAU Adv 12.0 Ridge Waiau  
WAIHEE VALLEY Nov 3.0 Valley Kahaluu  
Wailupe Loop Int 6.0 Ridge Aina Haina  
WAIMALU DITCH Int 6.0 Valley Waimalu  
WAIMANO Adv 14.0 Contour Pearl City  
WAIMANO POOL Nov 3.0 Valley Pacific Palisades  
Waimano Valley Nov 2.0 Valley Pearl City  
WILIWILINUI Int 4.0 Valley Pacific Palisades