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Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Corp.


Feb 27

Malaekahana Pools

5 miles / Intermediate / Ridge, Valley / La'ie

A close cousin to its next door neighbor, La’ie Pools, this hike has similar road-walking, and long uphill trudging through eroded gullies and tunnels of guava trees….but the reward is a waterfall and a large plunge pool. If you venture upstream, you may even find a hidden surprise pool, which is a precious gem!

Permissions and Permits

Hawaii Reserves requires each person who participates in a hike or trail maintenance on their land to have a permit. To obtain the permit, do the following:

  1. Complete (and sign/date) the form
  2. Check both Laie Trails and Koloa Trails. (Also check other and write in Malaekahana. *This option seems missing in the new application form.)
  3. Activity is Day Hiking
  4. Scan the form and save as a PDF file
  5. Email the form as an attachment to:
  6. Body of Email should be short and courteous, as follows: Aloha, I am requesting a permit to hike (no camping) on trails located on Hawaii Reserves lands. Thank you very much.
  7. You will get a return email from either Rosalie or Sephra say your permit is granted and archived in the system. (Previously one have to print the card from the attachment in the email they sent.)