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Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Corp.


Sep 07

Kahana Ditch Trail

7.1 miles / Advanced / Valley / Kahana

This hike is not recommended for inexperienced hikers. Sorry, no children allowed. Trail can be dangerous. Trail is sometimes narrow, uneven, muddy, rocky, has hidden holes and slippery with steep drop-offs that can lead to death, if not careful. There are several small stream crossings. Dangers include falling (death or injury), slipping (twisted ankles, etc.), getting lost, difficult trail conditions, exhaustion and/or dehydration (hot & humid conditions expected). Also, lots of mosquitoes and some bees along the trail. Good footwear, walking poles, spikes, at least 2 qts of water and mosquito repellant are recommended. Swimwear is optional.

Trail has not been cleared to gaging stations, so hike will end at a scenic lunch spot on a small stream with a quaint dam that has a nice wading pool to cool off in. Seating at the dam is amphitheater style for watching the synchronized waders in the pool below. Hike will still be 8 miles round trip.