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Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Corp.

Apply to be a Friend of HTMC

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Friend of HTMC! Please do not fill out this form until AFTER you have joined 3 HTMC sponsored events or hikes (hikes that you do on your own or with friends that are not listed on the HTMC website are not HTMC sponsored hikes even if they are on the same trail/route as previous/future HTMC sponsored hikes). Please allow some time to process your application as the HTMC Board of Directors must approve all applications.

  • Official Club Activity #1Official Club Activity #2Official Club Activity #3
    Please list three official HTMC events, hikes or trail clearings that you have attended in the past 12 months. Please do NOT submit this form or pay on PayPal until you have completed 3 official club activities, as your application can not be processed.
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