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Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Corp.



What is the venue for the events?

Weather permitting the  presentations take place outside on a grassy lawn on the expansive clubhouse property.  We set up chairs and the screen and projector and have an area for the presenter to sit/stand. There is beautifully recently renovated inside space on the second floor of the historic clubhouse if needed.

What time do they events start?

The presentations start once the sun sets and it gets dark enough, this ranges between 6:30 pm in winter and  7:15 in the summer.

Where is the HTMC clubhouse?

The HTMC clubhouse is located in the residential area a block from the beach in Waimanalo. The following is the address: 41-023 Puuone Street.

Where do I park?

Please park in front of the property along the fence on the street in the grassy area. If the parking fills up, feel free to park in the neighborhood but be respectful of people’s homes.

What time does the potluck start?

Although the event officially starts between 5:00 – 5:30 pm depending on the time of year, people trickle in and tend to visit first, so we start eating once enough people have come.

What should I bring to the potluck?

Bring a dish to share with serving utensils, anything from a pupu to a salad, a main dish or a dessert is appreciated. Please do not bring chips and dip.

Do I have to attend the potluck if I want to see the presentation?

Everyone has the option to skip the potluck and just come for the presentation. It is up to you and what works best for your schedule. 

Are guests and non-members welcome?

HTMC events are open to the public and guests are welcome. The more the merrier! There is a $5 clubhouse usage donation for all guests and non-members. The donation helps maintain the upkeep of the facility.  If possible please bring the correct change, as we are not always able to provide change.

Do I need to sign in?

Please sign into the logbook when you attend an event at the HTMC clubhouse. The donation jar is usually out front next to the logbook.

Is there change available?

There is not usually change available for the $5 HTMC clubhouse donation fee. We encourage people to bring the correct amount of change.

Do events change?

Occasionally a presenter is unable to attend their scheduled event. Please check the website for any changes before coming to an event.

Do I need to RSVP?

Although it is not necessary, it helps the Events Committee set up for the event when they have an idea how many people will be attending so that we can plan accordingly.