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European Trip Takes a Surreal Turn: Racing Against Corona

Nov 07, 2020


Avid hiker, traveler and eager-to-be-member of HTMC, Rasa Fournier, had just landed in Italy for her European trip of a lifetime when news about a virus called corona burst into the news. She had scheduled 10 days journeying from Rome to Venice for Carnival, and another 10 in Portugal. When she found herself in Padua on the day Italy’s first death was reported, in that very town, the trip took on a surreal tone. The northern towns surrounding her were quickly going into lockdown and she began receiving panicked texts from family members to come home immediately. Rasa decided to continue her travels, with little clue that she was in the eye of a viral storm. However, she was struck by a┬ásense of urgency that found her making spontaneous choices she might not otherwise have made. Choices that enriched her trip.

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