Aloha HTMCers,

Club shirts are now available for purchase! Short and Long sleeve styles are $16.50 with a $3 handling fee applied per order. All orders must be placed by Monday 11/29/2021.

Order your HTMC shirt(s) by following the step by step instructions below:
  1. Click the ORDER LINK HERE and use the password htmc (all lower case) to access the order form or if you prefer to copy and paste, here is the web address:
  2. Place an order on the form using the drop-down options and submit the order form to the vendor (Lamination House)
  3. The vendor will reach out to you to confirm that your information is accurate and will provide a formal quote + $3 handling fee per order
  4. Once the order is confirmed the vendor will send a secure payment link
  5. Submit payment and your shirt order will be processed and printed
  6. Shirts will be delivered in a 2–3-week time frame to HTMC
  7. Members will be contacted to select a pick-up location before the holidays (club hike, trail clearing or the clubhouse)
The information above can also be accessed by members after signing in on the news section of the HTMC website.


John Braum, HTMC President
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